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Grandpa And Me

Margie’s grandfather came to visit. She also visits her daughter who has become an sexually attractive. Margie wants to be able to have sex with her grandfather, for whatever reason. She undresses and seduces her grandfather. Margie puts her back on the bed, spreading her legs. Grandfather kisses her cunt. The girl is screaming with joy. Then, the grandpa fucks Margie. He does it with confidence, and strongly. The girl is in love with the look. It’s time to check out this sex comic without delay.

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The Simpsons 23 Intelligence Test

This comic tells a story of Bart Simpson, the mischievous character. Bart has a hard time studying and went back to the college he attended to study procreative biology. Her teacher is an older lady who has massive watermelons. Bart is aware that she loves young boys and is willing to consider the idea. To get a loan Bart seduces his teacher. Bart removes his clothes and displays his big cock. He’s great. The teacher removes his clothes and begins to purchase this low-cost, juicy whore froma brothel. Bart then fucks the teacher at an enormous desk. The show is enjoyable without delay.

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A Fresh Assistant

Homer is a hot redhead babe. This is a new secretary who on her first day of work chose to showcase all of her skills. Naturally, Homer prefers working skills however, the secretary delivers a throat blowjob so well that Homer forgets about everything in the world. The secretary then takes off her dress while enjoying her tits round. Then it’s time for wild sexual sex.

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Space Slut

The Simpsons family is moving on… in spaaaace! Well, not all of thembut just Lisa Simpson this time yet the fact has some positive sides – this blondie chick has growned up in all the proper places , and she now looks amazing with these body curves that are encased in a tight latex bodysuit! Also, she will be more seductive without the bodysuit.

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Dreams come true

This parody comics gives you the chance to imagine a new future for the characters you love from “The Simpsons”. Bart will be the law’s protector while Lisa shows her ‘badgirl’ side. As this is a hentai-themed parody, the characters will get real in the near future, so remember that this is merely the imagination of a person!

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Marge Softcore Dreams

Marge Simpson is a real fairytale that never has to be with anyone. She relies on her favourite dildo and her kinky imagination every time she’s at in her home, to make her favorite men appear out of the blue and to make her fuck her up in a variety of ways. Thanks to hentai parody comics now she can be able to share her dreams with you!

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Halloween Special (The Simpsons) [Gundam888] – english

The story is very brief but at the at the same time a very thrilling tale of the method to celebrate Halloween with the famous family of the Simpsons In just a couple of pages you’ll discover the funniest costumes, funny jokes, and of course some sexually-themed moments! We do hope that you fully understand that this all is just a parody and this product is intended for entertainment purposes that are intended for an adult audience only.

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