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Halloween Special (The Simpsons) [Gundam888] – english

The story is very brief but at the at the same time a very thrilling tale of the method to celebrate Halloween with the famous family of the Simpsons In just a couple of pages you’ll discover the funniest costumes, funny jokes, and of course some sexually-themed moments! We do hope that you fully understand that this all is just a parody and this product is intended for entertainment purposes that are intended for an adult audience only.

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[Comics Toons] Set 8/10 (The Simpsons)

Looks like Marge Simpson is among the women who love chubby guys. Marge and Homer are willing to form an unison with plenty of anal sex in order to ignite their relationships. If you don’t believe such a thing is feasible, then you haven’t read this comics as of yet (even although it’s speechless).

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