Simpsons Pornography Story: Lost Sans You Chapter Three

Simpsons Pornography Story: Lost Sans You Chapter Three

She closed her eyes only to open
them again and have to sit up in bed as the phone rang. She leant
over to the phone which was on a small wooden table beside her and
picked it up, wondering who would phone at this time of night.

Hello? she
mumbled sleepily.

I have a favour to ask you, came a deep voice at the other end of
the line.

What sort of
favour? Who is this?

Skinner. Look a few members of staff have become ill and we need
someone to cover. You will be paid of course.


Principal Skinner replied. Lisa sighed but agreed to do it anyway
even on such short notice. They quickly said bye and Lisa placed the
phone down. She fell backwards on to her bed so she was lying on her
back staring up at the ceiling. She soon fell to sleep and didnt
wake up until eight thirty the next morning.

She turned over
in her bed, wrapping the covers around her, and glanced at the clock.
A horrified look came over her face as she jumped out of bed and
rushed to get ready. She made it to the school just as the bell

was greeted by Principal Skinner and shown the classroom she would be
teaching in for the day. He gave her a book and some papers that
shed need and left her alone with a class full of screaming kids.
She was teaching the youngest of the kids for the day and knew
already that theyd be trouble.

she yelled over them, causing everyone to freeze. Right, now in
your places. Everyone sat down silently, staring forwards at Lisa
who smiled. Now, Im Miss Simpson. Ill start at the front
of the class and I want you to tell me your names.

Simpson! called one kid. I got my pencil stuck up my nose.
Lisa sighed and went to help the kid, all the while telling the
other kids they shouldnt laugh. This didnt stop them of course
and even Lisa wanted to smile. She knew whose kid it was straight

your name? she asked him.


Lisa smiled and walked back to the front of the class. What is
your name? she asked a young girl at the front of the class.

Flanders. She realised it was Todds little girl. She had seen
them together once at the Kwik-
E-Mart. After going around the class she realised she
only knew them two and hoped she could remember the other childrens

After a long,
tiring day they all finally went home, leaving Lisa alone in a quiet
classroom. Lisa sighed as she sat down on the chair behind the front
desk, starting to relax. Hearing a noise though, she quickly
scrambled around and grabbed the papers that were on her desk. She
had sorted them in to a neat pile just as Principal Skinner came in.

Ah Lisa. I
see you have managed to keep the classroom in one piece, he
smiled. How was your first day?

Lisa chuckled.
Yes. I enjoyed it, though the kids can be trouble at times.

Skinner nodded. Well, Ill see you tomorrow. He left the
room and Lisa stood up, shoving everything in to her bag as she did,
and walked over to the door. She turned to look at the classroom
once more before she turned off the light and left the school.

was glad when she finally got home. She turned the light on as she
walked through the door. She sat down and groaned when her cat
jumped on her and settled down. She was too tired to push the cat
off though so she laid back in the chair. She jumped when the
doorbell suddenly rang, causing the cat to fall off and hit the
floor. It scurried off in to the next room while Lisa went to the
door, wondering who it could possibly be.


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