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Stellar Spinning

It seems like the physical exercises that Marge Simpson has been doing lately are finally producing result – this morning when she was during another one of her sessions, her husband Homer has realized what a big and sexy ass his wifey has! He has also fucked her! May be it was a bit rough in certain moments, but looks like it is exactly what Marge was looking to…

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Red-hot BDSM Night in Simpsons Family

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Sexy Christmas 1 Simpsons Comics

Springfield’s holiday season is like every other holiday – it’s a celebration of joy, laughter, gifts and surprises. But when you join the Simpsons family, it’s going to get even better because if you like slim and curvy housewives, then Marge Simpson is going to grant you with an extremely thrilling showtime… which will turn out to be quite an unexpected surprise for her hubby Homer for sure! Jingle balls!

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Marge Erotic Fantasies

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Space Slut

The Simpsons family is moving on… in spaaaace! Well, not all of thembut just Lisa Simpson this time yet the fact has some positive sides – this blondie chick has growned up in all the proper places , and she now looks amazing with these body curves that are encased in a tight latex bodysuit! Also, she will be more seductive without the bodysuit.

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Animated Simpsons Comics

The situation is going to turn insane at the Simpsons family’s house when Homer’s friends who were drunk at the bar decided to visit him. What level of crazyness are we talking about? It’s the one that involves fucking, fighting, cheating, arguing andofcourse even mroe of the fucking and cheating! Marge and Lisa will be the main characters of this comic parody hentai!

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Dreams come true

This parody comics gives you the chance to imagine a new future for the characters you love from “The Simpsons”. Bart will be the law’s protector while Lisa shows her ‘badgirl’ side. As this is a hentai-themed parody, the characters will get real in the near future, so remember that this is merely the imagination of a person!

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Treehouse Of Horror #2 (Spanish)

Spanish version in Spanish of one of the most popular horror-themed hentai parodies that came from the world of “The Simpsons” – the sequel to “Treehouse of Horror”! This thrilling story about werewolves, housewives and bustly milfs will send you running through the night.

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Marge Softcore Dreams

Marge Simpson is a real fairytale that never has to be with anyone. She relies on her favourite dildo and her kinky imagination every time she’s at in her home, to make her favorite men appear out of the blue and to make her fuck her up in a variety of ways. Thanks to hentai parody comics now she can be able to share her dreams with you!

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Halloween Special (The Simpsons) [Gundam888] – english

The story is very brief but at the at the same time a very thrilling tale of the method to celebrate Halloween with the famous family of the Simpsons In just a couple of pages you’ll discover the funniest costumes, funny jokes, and of course some sexually-themed moments! We do hope that you fully understand that this all is just a parody and this product is intended for entertainment purposes that are intended for an adult audience only.

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